@bananagnes and her Parisian Flan Tour ! ✨🌸🍰
Inspiration from her "Neness Flan Tour in Paris" or where you can find the best original Flan in Paris.

✨🍴You are a food creator, and you have a new concept idea (or not) and you just want to do something different ?
Well, did you ever think about adding illustrations in your social media and communication ?
👉🏼 Just like this personal project I did when I saw the new concept from @bananagnes and her Flan Tour in Paris.
Illustration can be more impactful than just words and your followers will definitely remember you.
👉🏼 And you know what, illustrations don’t stop to only an illustration for your social media but it can be a food cover book or any types of books or project.

And I was so inspired by her aesthetic and her vibes, I draw an portrait illustration with behind a matcha bubble tea that is a thing which is define her well. 
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